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Livestock General Rules and Regulations
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Dept J

Department: D
Junior Chicken Show

Thursday, August 9
Check-in and Testing: 6:00 p.m.
Show: 7:00 p.m.

Showmanship classes; Judging classes to follow
1st - $6.00 2nd - $5.00 3rd - $4.00
Judged Classes:
1st - $4.00 2nd - $3.00 3rd - $2.00

Poultry must be accompanied by evidence of a negative test for Pullorum-Typhoid within 90 days or be tested on-site prior to exhibition following strict biosecurity procedures, or originate directly from a flock which has been certified as Pullorum-Typhoid Clean under the Tennessee Poultry Improvement Plan.
As part of increased awareness and surveillance for Avian Influenza and other poultry diseases, all bird's physical appearance will be assessed at the time testing is conducted. Any birds that have comingled with birds of unknown disease status must test negative Pollorum-Typhoid prior to exhibition.
No one will interfere with judges or the birds during judging under penalty of and forfeiture of prizes.
Judges' decision will be final.
There will be NO sales of poultry from the barn during the Fair.
Pre-registration entry fee: $2.00 per bird.
On-site registration fee day of show: $4.00
per bird. Youth exhibitor free fair entry.
Entry Fee Must Accompany Entry.
Showmanship - prior to the Junior Chicken Show.
NOTE: Chicken does not have to be owned by exhibitor.
The following link provides tasks involved in these

Class 1
Lot 1 - High School (grades 9-12)
Lot 2 - Middle School (grades 6-8)
Lot 3 - Elementary School (grades 3-5)
Lot 4 - * Early Elementary School (grades K-2)
Lot 5 - * Preschool (Age 4 years and under)
Competitors will handle chickens independently; however,
preschool and early elementary entrants must
have a partner (older sibling, friend, parent, etc.)
ALL BREEDS- Large Fowl and Bantam

Class 2: Birds under 1 year of age
Lot 1 - Pullets (females under 1 year of age)
Lot 2 - Cockerels (males under 1 year of age)
Class 3: Birds over 1 year of age
Lot 3 - Hens (female birds 1 year of age or older)
Lot 4 - Cocks (male birds 1 year of age or older)

Class 4: Best Dressed Bird - costume class. A
description of the bird's costume must be provided
day of show.
Lot 1 - Pullets and Hens
Lot 2 - Cockerels and Cocks

Exhibition of Exotic Birds
Exhibitor must receive permission from Chicken Department
Committee to display bird(s). No premiums

Youth Education Displays
A non-interactive, table top-board may be displayed. A
tri-fold board is suggested. Content must focus on an
educational topic about any area of poultry. No premiums
awarded in the Chicken Department; however,
youth in grades 4-12 may enter their display in the 4-H
Department for competition and premiums.


Informational Poultry Showmanship YouTube Videos - 4H Chicken Showmanship; time 3:51- orange county (music w/adult speaking commands with 3 youth showing the task)  - How to Show a Chicken in 4-H; time: 1:33  - Riverview Technology (music & pen writing) - Chicken Showmanship Part 1 & Part 2; time 10:40 - Jerry Delsol; 2 part video intended for 4-H and FFA; excellent presentation - Chicken Showmanship Steps; time 1:59 - Fallbrook 4-H Chicken Project (adult asking for task and 2 4-H'ers showing the steps.  Steps written on screen with white letters)  - Fun with Chickens -  Exhibition Showmanship; time 9:01. 4-H and FFA members share their experiences raising and showing poultry at the LSU AgCenter Junior Showmanship Show. (Older to younger presenters.)

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