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Dept C
Livestock General Rules and Regulations
Dept D - Chicken Show
Dept F - Sheep & Meat Goat Show
Dept G - Junior Dairy Show
Dept H - Open Dairy Show
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Dept H - Open Dairy Show

Department H
Open Dairy Show

Monday, August 6th - 1:00 p.m.
Superintendents - Dale Collette, Lanny Love

Animals must be in place by 10:00 p.m. August 5th, and will be released after 9pm on Tuesday night.
Application for entry where the age determines the class or classes to which the animal is eligible, must give exact date of birth. All application for entry of cattle in individual lots must be accompanied by the name and registry number of animal and exact date of birth. Animals composing a competitive herd or group must have been shown in one of the individual lots.
The pedigrees of all animals entered must be recorded in the recognized herd book for the breed and animals shall be recorded in the name of the exhibitor. Certificates of registration must be available. Animals that cannot be identified by tattoo or color markings shall not be eligible to be shown.
Exhibitors may not show more than two entries in one lot.
National Dairy Show rules shall govern, so far as practical, cases not covered in the rules of this show.
Cows, 42 months old or older, to be eligible to show, must have produced a calf carried to maturity within 18 months preceding the show. Affidavits must be filed at time entries are made substantiating the above facts and giving date of birth of last calf produced. Each Superintendent must check the health and registration papers for each exhibitor.
Premiums - Lots 1-7 - 1st - $25; 2nd - $20; 3rd - $15; 4th ‑ $10; 5th - $8; $5.00 -- each of the next five creditable placings. Lots 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 25 - 1st - $30; 2nd ‑ $25; 3rd - $20; 4th - $15; 5th - $10. Best Udder - 1st - $10; 2nd - $5.
Championship trophies sponsored by Dairy Farmers of America.

1. Junior Heifer Calf - Born Mar. 1, 2018 or at least 4 months old at show time.
2. Intermediate Heifer Calf - Born Dec. 1, 2017 - Feb. 28, 2018.
3. Senior Heifer Calf - Born Sept. 1 - Nov. 30, 2017.
4. Summer Calf - Born June 1 - Aug. 31, 2017.
5. Junior Yearling Heifers - Born Mar. 1 - May 31, 2017.
6. Intermediate Yearling Heifers-Born Dec. 1, 2016 - Feb. 28, 2017.
7. Senior Yearling Heifers - Born Sept. 1 - Nov. 30, 2016.
8. Junior Champion (Lots 1-7)
9. Reserve Junior Champion (Lots 1-7)
10. Senior Yearling Heifer in Milk - Born before Sept. 1, 2016.
11. Best Udder
12. Junior Two Year Old Cows - Born Mar. 1 - Aug. 31, 2016.
13. Best Udder.
14. Senior Two Year Old Cows - Born Sept. 1, 2015 - Feb. 28, 2016.
15. Best Udder.
16. Three Year Old Cows - Born Sept. 1, 2014 - Aug. 31, 2015.
17. Best Udder.
18. Four Old Cows - Born Sept. 1, 2013 ­‑ Aug. 31, 2014.
19. Best Udder.
20. Five Year Old Cows - Born Sept. 1, 2012 - Aug. 31, 2013.
21. Best Udder.
22. Aged Cows (6 Years and Over) - Born before Sept. 1, 2012.
23. Best Udder.
24. Cow -Dry 3 and 4 Year Old - Born Sept. 1, 2013 - Aug. 31, 2015.
25. Cow - Dry 5 Year Old and Over - Born before Sept. 1, 2013.
26. Senior Champion (Lots 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 & 25).
27. Reserve Senior Champion (Lots 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 & 25)
28. Grand Champion.
29. Reserve Grand Champion.
30. Breeders Herd of Five Females - This group, all owned by the exhibitor, consists of two (2) females over 2 years of age that have freshened, two (2) females under 2 years of age and one any age. Three (3) must be bred by exhibitor. This group replaces all of the former group classes.
1) Each farm limited to one entry.
2) Registration papers will be checked in ring before the class is placed.
AWARDS: 1st - $125; 2nd - $100; 3rd - $75; 4th - $50; 5th - $25
31. Best Bred by Heifer
32. Best Bred by Cow

CLASS IV : SPECIAL AWARDS - Sponsored by: Broyles Feed Store
Lot 1 - Supreme Champion Heifers.
AWARDS: 1st - $50
Lot 2 - Supreme Champion Cows.
AWARDS: 1st - $100
Lot 3 - Open Dairy Barn Award (All Breeds)
- Based on exhibitors care of barn, 2 animals minimum
AWARDS: 1st - $25; 2nd - $15; 3rd - $10

The showing of registered dairy cattle is an important part of the promotion, merchandising and breeding program of many breeders. Additionally, it is an important part of the program of the Purebred Dairy Cattle Association to stimulate and sustain interest in breeding registered dairy cattle. This relates to both spectators and exhibitors. In this connection, the PDCA believes that it is in the best interest of the breeders of registered dairy cattle to maintain a reputation of integrity and to present a wholesome and progressive image of their cattle in the show-ring. It recognizes that there are certain practices in the proper care and management of dairy cattle, which are necessary in the course of moving dairy cattle to and between shows that are advisable to keep them in a sound, healthy condition so that they might be presented in the show-ring in a natural, normal appearance and condition. Conversely, it recognizes certain practices in the cataloging, handling and presentation of cattle in the show-ring which are acceptable.
The following practices or procedures are considered unacceptable and defined as being unethical in the showing of registered dairy cattle:
Misrepresenting the age and/or milking status of the animal for the class in which it is shown. In any female classes, animals may not be exhibited that are in milk due to unnaturally induced lactation.
Balancing the udder by any means other than by leaving naturally produced milk in any or all quarters.
Setting the teats with a mechanical contrivance or with the use of a chemical preparation.
Treating or massaging any part of the animal’s body, particularly the udder, internally or externally with an irritant, counterirritant, or other substance to temporarily improve conformation or produce unnatural animation.
Minimizing the effects of crampiness by feeding or injecting drugs, depressants or applying packs or using an artificial contrivance or therapeutic treatment except normal exercise.
Blocking the nerves to the foot to prevent limping by injecting drugs.
Striking the animal to cause swelling in a depressed area.
Surgery of any kind performed to change the natural contour of appearance of the animal’s body, hide or hair. Not included is the removal of warts, teats and horns, clipping and dressing of hair and trimming of hooves.
Insertion of foreign material under the skin.
Changing the color of hair at any point, spot or area on animal’s body.
The use of alcoholic beverage in the feed or administered as a drench.
Administration of drug of any kind or description internally or externally prior to entering the show ring, except for treating a recognized disease or injury and for tranquilizing bulls that may otherwise be dangerous or females in heat. For the purpose of this Code, the term “drug” shall mean any substance, the sale, possession of use of which is controlled by license under federal, state of local laws or regulations and any substance commonly used by the medical or veterinary professions which affect the circulatory, respiratory or central nervous system of a cow.
Criticizing or interfering with the judge, show management or other exhibitors while in the show-ring or other conduct detrimental to the breed or show.
In keeping with the basic philosophy of The Purebred Dairy Cattle Association, ethics are an individual responsibility of the owner of each animal shown. Violations of this code are subject to the disciplinary of the appropriate dairy breed association.

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